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Dreamtigers and other fantastical beasts

Or, little ado about nothing

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About me? Yeah, like you care, heh.
a, affected mien, affectionate affectations, alive-alive-a-o, are you still reading?, argentinan cowboy, b, beer-soaked bier, believe nothing, briar patch, c, causation and effect, cockles and mussels, come on stop reading, cowboys and indians, d, deadly probes, deathless prose, dreamtigers, e, effect and affect, f, faking interest, g, geez you're persistent, h, honey, i, i'll squeal said she, indiana jones, interesting fakes, j, jam, jelly, jorge luis borges, just be gentle then, k, keep it up, l, look i'm done, m, marmalade, mean mien, my race is run, n, nonesense is an art, o, okay that's enough, p, patch rag, preserves, probable cause, probing questions, prosaic death, q, questionable probity, r, rag and bone shop, s, t, tiger bone, u, v, w, writing fake interests, x, y, z, zzzzzzzz